Welcome to My America Tours! This is an educational tourism company like no other in the industry! Our goal is to teach students about the history, location, sites, and events before they ever leave home. Once they arrive at the location, students will be so well informed about what they will see that they could almost be their own tour guide.

Why do this? Why can’t you just pay a tour guide to explain things when you arrive, or simply read the signs at the venue? Well, if you want a regular, typical trip, you could do that. If all you want is a standard tour of a location for your student, then you may be satisfied with another organization.

At My America Tours, we will not be rushing students in and out of sites, “herding” from one place to another, or stopping only for a photo opportunity. That’s not what we’re all about.

Instead, a trip with My America Tours will be the culminating activity for students who are well prepared for the trip. They will understand the history, why it is significant to what is happening currently, why it is important to our nation, and why it is a part of who they are. At My America Tours, we offer you a trip that is far above average!

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“History doesn’t repeat itself; people repeat history!”
-Al Wilkerson