About our 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Any donations made to My America Tours are tax deductible. Donations are used to fund our day to day operations and for scholarships for students who are economically disadvantaged. When families request scholarships from My America Tours, they must be willing to do some volunteer work for our organization before they qualify to receive the funds. Volunteer work includes stuffing envelopes, serving at fundraising events, website maintenance, and anything else that will use their skills to improve our organization.

Board of Directors

My America Tours is blessed to have a board of directors with a diverse background of education, skills, strengths, and passions. Among the eight members on this board, we have:

  • Four moms who have successfully homeschooled children;

  • Three moms who have successfully raised their children through public schools;

  • Six with college degrees (including math, science, music, and one doctorate in pharmacology);

  • Four who have successfully written grants;

  • Three who are above average ballroom dancers;

  • Three who are exceptionally good with numbers;

  • One who can pour salad dressing from a bowl back into the bottle without spilling a drop;

  • One who has served as an elected official;

  • More years of teaching experience than we can count;

  • Four who have volunteered with or formed non-profit organizations;

  • The moms of four members of the US Armed Forces, five college students, and seven children still living in their home working toward high school diplomas;

  • Five who have had successful careers in the private or public sectors; and

  • Eight people who love America and Americans, and who are passionate about our national future and the students who will be involved in it.