We’ve learned along our journey through education that the preparation pays off. Having done at a dozen lengthy trips like this, we have learned that the more students know before they go, the more they will appreciate it when they get there.

The knowledge of our nation’s history is critical to our future. Our favorite history teachers have imprinted this on our minds. Mrs. Arthur often tells her history and government students that “History doesn’t repeat itself; stupid people repeat history.” We certainly do NOT need a repeat of Hitler or World War II. We do not need to repeat the events of Vietnam. We do not need to repeat the economy in the 1970’s. We do not need to repeat the implementation of progressive education in our schools. Yet, the only way to stop repeating the history is for our citizens to stop repeating it. It doesn’t repeat itself, we do.

It is with all of this in mind that My America Tours was formed. Now that Mrs. Arthur’s sons have graduated and moved on to the next phase in their lives, she has realized that she not ready to stop teaching; she has more to offer her students. My America Tours believe in America, in who we are, and who we can become. In order to make that happen, though, we need people who are willing to do their homework, learn the truth, and speak it boldly.

This company is designed to be a touring service to homeschooled students across America. This is not to say that others will be excluded, only that the schedule of class meetings and the trips themselves will take place during the traditional school year, during the traditional school day, so students with a more flexible schedule will be better served than those students in public or parochial schools. We are Tennessee based, but we have had many students enjoy a thrilling experience after participating in the classes via Skype.