Our Founder

Frances Arthur Portrait.jpg

Frances Arthur is a veteran homeschooling mom with 8 years of experience teaching in the public school system and another 16 as a homeschooling mother. Along her journey, she has served as a Sunday School teacher the churches she has attended, becoming the director of Children’s Sunday School at two of those churches, a music teacher, a choir director at various educational institutions, and a tutor in history, government, civics, economics, and music at homeschool organizations. She and her husband  have served for three years as foster parents for the State of Tennessee, working with a total of 7 children during that time.

In May of 2015, her younger son became a homeschool graduate. He and his older brother both currently serve in the US military. It was upon their prompting, and with their encouragement, that Mrs. Arthur decided to form My America Tours. They both helped her plan the trips that My America Tours have taken, so they know what great experiences they can be.

Eight years ago, on a trip to Washington, DC, her older son demonstrated that he had really learned the importance of preparing for a trip. When students are given a free half day on the itinerary, they are expected to select a place they would like to visit (or revisit if we have already been there), and take some time to learn about the location, it’s historical significance, and other pertinent information. Her son had been taking Chinese lessons at the time and had become proficient in the language. His tutor had also taught him some information about Chinese history and culture. For his free time, her son decided to go to Chinatown and the Sackler Art Gallery, a museum of oriental art.

He planned out which route he would have to take on the DC Metro and started in Chinatown. He did some shopping there and even negotiated the price on some things he wanted to purchase for his tutor. At the Sackler, he knew that a guided tour of the museum was offered at no charge that afternoon, so he got there a few minutes early to meet the guide. Surprisingly, no one else had  come for the tour, so her son had a private tour! The guide then tailored the things they saw based on my son’s interests. At the hotel that evening, he could barely contain his excitement at all he had seen and experienced that day.

Who is she? She’s the person who wants every worthy student to have similar experiences.