The Next Trip!

Pre-Eagle Council XLVIII Washington D.C. Educational Tour


My America Tours is proud to be partnering for the first time with Eagle Forum!

In 2019, Student Eagles from across the nation are invited to meet in Washington DC a few days before Eagle Council XLVIII begins. We will gather at Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA just outside of Washington DC on Sunday, September 15th. The next three days will be spent touring our nation’s capital.


Additionally, we will be partnering with Leadership Institute for our trip! During our stay at their dorm facility, we will have 10-12 hours of activism training from some of the most noted authorities in the political arena. We’ll learn more about political activism, and how students can participate in the political process. This will better prepare us for Eagle Council later in the week.

In order to participate in this trip, you must also register to attend Eagle Council.


Preparing for the Trip


My America Tours is an educational tourism company like no other in the industry! Our goal is to teach students about the history, location, sites, and events before they ever leave home. Once they arrive at the location, students will be so well informed about what they will see that they could almost be their own tour guide.


A trip with My America Tours will be the culminating activity for students who are well prepared for the trip. We do not “herd” students in and out of sites, or stop only for a photo opportunity. Students will understand the history, why it is significant to what is happening currently, why it is important to our nation, and why it is a part of who they are.

For the next few months, Student Eagles will come together via Skype to learn more about Washington DC. They will be directed to develop a notebook of information they gather while researching the history and specific location in the Capital. During our classes, we will discuss what each student learned about the people, places, and history. Be advised: this will be a discussion, not a teacher led lecture. Students must be prepared for each class.

What is a Student Eagle?

Student Eagles are high school and college students who share our conservative, Christian values.

Can Adults Attend?

The answer is YES, with some caveats.

  1. You also must register to attend Eagle Council in order to attend this trip.

  2. You must either be the parent or legal guardian of a student attending this trip, or receive a recommendation from your Eagle Forum state president. Because minor students will be attending this event and will be in the same dorm rooms as adults, we cannot take any unnecessary risk concerning their safety.

  3. You must be willing and able to join our class meetings on Skype. This is how we get to know one another before the trip.

  4. You are expected to participate in all events just as students do. That means you must be physically able to walk a great distance each day. See Special Note below.

  5. You must register and submit a deposit as listed below. I’ll know you’re an adult as soon as I see your birth date on the form. Along with your forms, you will need to indicate that you are a parent, legal guardian, or include a letter from your state president vouching for your good character and involvement with Eagle Forum.


The Trip Plans


Armed with their completed notebook, an itinerary, and maps of all locations, students will enjoy a trip to see the locations about which they have studied. This includes: The Capitol Building, The Pentagon, several Smithsonian Museum locations, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Kennedy Center, Arlington National Cemetery, and too many more to list here.

Beginning Sunday afternoon, we’ll be sightseeing. This will continue through Wednesday evening. Before we leave the LI dorms on Wednesday, we will move across town and check into the hotel for Eagle Council.

On Thursday, we will join with Eagle leaders from our respective home state to lobby our congressmen and senators. But we’ll be back together that evening for more fun!


Eagle Council will begin on Friday and continue through Saturday evening. But don’t worry! We’ll have some exciting adventures, and an important assignment to complete, in the evenings. You can plan your flight home after an incredible week of sightseeing, training, visiting and new friendships on Sunday.

The Cost


The student cost of $350 includes all ground transportation and a pass to the Metro (light rail), 3 nights at the Leadership Institute dorms, 3 dinners at LI, all tour fees, planning fees, and educational fees. This includes admission to The Museum of the Bible, the Newseum, and a guided tour of Arlington National Cemetery.


Students will need to book their own plans for transportation. This will allow you to find the least expensive flights from your local airport, or to drive if you live close enough. Plan your schedule to arrive in Washington DC by 2 PM on Sunday, September 15th, and your return flight after Eagle Council ends on Sunday, September 22nd.

Students should plan to bring a minimum of $150 to cover the costs of other meals and souvenirs during our three days of tours. This is in addition to any costs you will incur during Eagle Council.

What about missing a week of school?

We understand how important a good education is to students. If you attend a public or private high school, we can send a letter to help secure an excused absence. Please keep in mind that the final authority will rest with school administrators.

If you are homeschooled, we can assure you that this week will be a learning experience from start to finish!

Special Note

This trip will require that students be able to walk or be on their feet for long periods of time. In a recent trip, our guide logged over 8 miles in one day! While public transportation is used as often as is possible, there is no way to get through a museum without walking, and some locations are “close enough” so that no public transportation between them is available. Students should be prepared to walk more than they ever have. If you are not ready now, plan on becoming physically able before our trip.


To register, please click the link below and complete the necessary forms. They must be printed, filled out, and mailed to us with a deposit of $100. You can send this as a check made out to My America Tours along with your paperwork, or use Facebook Messenger to use your credit card. Your registration is not accepted until we receive the completed forms and your deposit clears.